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p.s. If you’ve followed me online for any length of time then
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(big news) Forex ProfitCaster bar-by-bar trades + ???

2 quick Forex updates…

[VIDEO 3] Forex ProfitCaster Bar-By-Bar Trades

1. Bill Poulos just posted his long-awaited 3rd Forex
ProfitCaster training video, which shows 3 bar-by-bar trades
using his new software.

It looks pretty powerful – I think you’re gonna love it.

See it “in action” here:

2. Bill also just announced the release date for the Forex
ProfitCaster. You can get your hands on it:

* Next MONDAY, September 16th, at 1pm Eastern.

So mark your calendar!

I’ll let you know if I hear of any more updates.

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The “blueprints” for the new Forex “ProfitCaster” technique that
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There’s also a companion video that teaches you everything.


Good Trading,
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p.s. After you try it out, please send me your test results. I’m
excited to hear how you do w/ what many people are calling my
most innovative and visually simple approach to Forex.

triangle “sketches” predict Forex (79.6% accurate)

Video 1 - Forex Triangle Patterns Breakthrough

Get this…

One morning, during breakfast at a local greasy diner, I sketched
some unusual triangles on a napkin…

…& kind of stumbled upon a way to predict the direction of the
8 most profitable Forex markets with 79.6% accuracy.

(I’m a retired industrial engineer, so my mind is always working,
even during breakfast!)

I put together a little video that shows you what I came up with

(Watch carefully to see the actual dirty napkin in the video,
scribbled with my notes.)

Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

p.s. Let me know what you think about what I reveal around the
4:37 minute mark… I think we’re on to something here…


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Forex Black Book Trade Demonstration & Quick Start Guide

Forex Black Book Trade Demonstration & Quick Start Guide

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Forex Black Book Softwre Is Now Availble For Free

Forex Black Book Software Is Now Availble For Free

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